About me
About me

Who are you?

Hi! I’m Roland Lorinczi.

A Personal Development junkie obsessed with inter- and transdisciplinarity!

I’m astonished for example by how my marketing experience and linguistic studies join forces, or how my design experience ties in with both. I found through watching a LOT of TED talks and alike that each valuable nugget of knowledge from different experiences can be put to use in other areas of your life.

I am perpetually researching, questioning and testing. So I figured I’d start sharing my experiences, thoughts and theories with the people with whom I share values, interests and aspirations.

Finding you peops!

I learned early on that being good enough for everyone is not a possibility but even if it was: Being Genuinely Great for Some, finding “your people” and making the most difference – as I learned later on – is what I really want rather than being accepted universally.

So this is me, doing just that, mainly through this personal website and blog at the moment.


But…but why?


Having formerly worked as a web-designer, and as an in-house SEO specialist and Marketing Consultant since November 2014, I see the value of coherent branding, online presence, relevance, trust and networking through quality content and management.

In addition, my formal educational background being almost exclusively in philology and linguistics, plus after 4 years of college – having studied translation and interpretation – I had the ideal foundation (along with the marketing experience) to learn the importance of sending the right message to the right audience.

Thus I was inspired to start crafting my online presence through digital assets, contribution and outreach. The inception of this website is the first step of my thousand mile journey…